Living with Art: Fall Edition

Living with Art is an ongoing series exploring the ways art can fulfill and enrich your life in both a transcendent and quotidian way. In this edition, InSight Artspace is pleased to spotlight an incredibly thoughtful and innovative artist, Esther Rosa.

Born in Spain and currently residing in New York, Esther Rosa has participated in solo and group exhibitions in New York, Paris, Miami, and Madrid. Rosa's work explores "how we can archive happiness with positive thinking, that life is imperfect and in permanent transformation,  and that is precisely what makes it so special."

Esther Rosa is a multi-disciplinary artist who communicates a tactile and minimalist visual representation of thoughts and feelings through paintings, installations, and sculptures.

Through each collection, she encourages a meditative dialogue about our shared human experience as a creative ongoing exploration of life, limits, and possibilities. 

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