For her 'rose petals' series, Lori Schouela creates the imprint of the rose with hundreds of fresh rose petals,. Shimmering light, transparent paper, and acrylic reveal its inherent beauty. When the petals are lifted a stunning form of the rose is exposed.

Lori explains: “I work with rose petals in circular form as a symbol of unity. My process is based on the understanding that there is harmony and interconnectedness in all things. The work for me is like finding stillness in a pool of chaos”. In this body of work, the artist deconstructs the rose, a feminine icon of passion and splendor to explore what lies beyond what is physically seen. In between edges of the organic forms, the invisible becomes exposed."

Lori Schouela was born in Montreal and currently works in Boston, MA.  She studied at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. Her 'rose petals' paintings are regularly selected by architectural and design magazines for their organic and unique forms while being exhibited at selective art fairs. Her 'suspended landscapes' will be part of the upcoming exhibition at the Danforth Museum of Art in Framingham, MA in April 2019. 

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