Claudia Bläsi is a painter, a photographer, a traveler, a woman, a cosmopolite, finally an artist and philantrophist. After an art residency in Shanghai and several trips to Asia, she created her “icons” series which tells stories about her personal experiences in Hong Kong. These oil base mixed media paintings playfully integrate a variety of print media and own photographs. These multisensory collages transmit the wide variety of what she sees. The result is the creation of an immersive, high-impact narrative artwork and it shows how we consume in the urban environment today. Her studies are related to street/urban art with Dadaist traits. “ the print media is disappearing. It is my way to give a new meaning and a new appearance to paper, in making it immortal. “ said Claudia Bläsi.

Claudia Bläsi is a self-taught painter, visual artist  and photographer. After finishing her studies in economy, she decided to pursue her passion in the art what she has been doing very successfully  for the last 25 years. She is a member of the German Artists Association BBK and her work is part of  private and public collections around the world. 

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